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BL  Wink-me eye patches are soft pink in color, has a banana shape and are extra thin to provide maximum comfort to your lash lift or lash extension client.

  • Economical, environmentally friendly
  • Extra thin and flexible to work with
  • Asymmetric curve to perfectly fit any under-eye shape
  • Lint-free coat enables a hassle-free application
  • Gel pads with SAFE anti-aging ingredients
  • One satchel contains 1 set of patches (1 set =2 patches) 1 pack = 5 sets
  • Buy 50 sets or 100 sets and save money !

These patches are very light and super flexible to work with yet has improved holding, so they won't move that easly during the application.

These patches contain ingredients with all less than 2 EWG level, which is a great indicator to show the safety of the ingredients and that makes these patches perfect for those clients who are sensitive to cosmetic ingredients. 

Our eyepatch has a lint-free coating, designed to prevent lash tweezers from becoming entangled in the fibers during application leading to a hassle-free application. Enjoy a seamlessly soothing extension experience with BL lint-free eye patch.

Ultra-soothing gel pads are made with anti-aging nutrients such as collagen & arbutin fortified. It keeps the skin under the eye moist and firm and clients will be aware of how firm their skin really is.

PRO TIP: You can sell this item as retail to your clients to boost profits.

SAVE$ buy more - save more!

Disse Under Eye Patches benyttes til at isolere de nederste vipper. BL Wink Me Eye Patch er en smule større end de andre BL Eye Patches. og har en lidt anden udformning og farve, men kvaliteten er den samme som du er vant til.

Wink Me Eye Patches virker let opstrammende på huden under øjnene og fungerer samtidig som en kølende øjenmaske. Vil du virkelig gøre noget ekstra for kunderne er der ingen vej udenom disse skønne patches. 

Brugsvejleding: Benyttes ved påsætning af eyelash extensions eller ved Lash Lift.

Pro Tip: Du kan sælge diise patches som anti age øjenmasker til kunderne.

Indhold: 5 par / 50 par /100 par